1- What is your university's language of instruction?
Adana STU is a public university offering courses both in Turkish and English.

2) What is the admission procedure for your school?

Those complying with the rules & regulations of our international student application procedure (http://iso.atu.edu.tr/pagesEng/detay.aspx?pageId=10056) are kindly requested to apply online via http://isoapp.atu.edu.tr/

3) How long does it take to complete an undergraduate program at your school?

It takes 4 years (1 extra year for prep class if you fail to pass the exemption test)

4) Is there an application fee for your school?

5) Does your school provide accommodation ?

Our school does unfortunately not provide accommodation; however, you can stay at private dormitories or rent a flat in the city, which is pretty affordable.