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26.07.2019- 26.07.2019
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12:07- 12:07
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2019-2020 International Student Application Results


Note :
The results for the substitute selections will be published here on September 2, 2019.


You can register to become a student at our Department of Student Affairs from August 26, 2019 until August 29, 2019.

You are required to complete the registration personally or via an authorized proxy. During the registration process, you will receive further information about the payment of the TUITION FEES.


Please bring original versions of

     - your High School Diploma (as well as a certified translation into Turkish),
     - your valid Exam Score (YÖS or SAT) and
     - 6 passport-sized biometric pictures

for your registration.


For further questions, please contact


You will have to attend a language proficiency exam in English at our School of Foreign Languages prior to the beginning of your studies to determine your language proficiency.
Alternatively, you can provide us with a valid (max. 2 years old) Language Exam score [PTE min. 71 / TOEFL (iBT) min. 84] to be exempted.

After evaluating your test result/exam score, you will be either admitted into your chosen program or into our English Preparatory Program.

For further questions, please contact


After successfully having registered as a student, you can continue (if necessary) with your residence permission procedure.
You can find further details about the routine as well as requirements at

Our Office of International Students will support you during this process.


For further questions, please contact