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07.08.2017- 07.08.2017
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12:08- 12:08
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International Student Application Results for 2017 Academic Year


Student Name

Waiting List

Business Administration

The department has not accepted any International students.


International Trade and Finance

The department has not accepted any International students.


Management Information Systems



Computer Engineering

·        Mohamad RIZK

·        Adnan ANJARY



·        Yara KHANKAN

·        Bakr JEBRINI

·        Hala KOUZOO

·        Talal Othman ALJAMILI


·        Ammar ATIA

·        Ahmed DAHROUJ

·        Nour ALAGHA

·        Zehra ZIAYB

·        Obai MASKAJI

Civil Engineering

·        Nizar AGA


Mechanical Engineering

·        Toyly HALLAYEV

·        Mustafa RAJOUH


Material Engineering

·        Mustafa ABUHANTACH

·        Ali MOHSEN


Food Engineering

The department has not accepted any International students.


Department of Political Science and Public Administration

The department has not accepted any International students.


Tourism Management

The department has not accepted any International students.


Students are required to enroll in their programs in person. Even if the registration  process is done by way of proxy, the  student must visit Student Affairs Office to finalize the registration process; otherwise, the registration will be invalid.

Required Documents:

·         Original copies of Diploma & Transcript (Approved Turkish or English translation)

·         Passport (Passport With Study Visa - Certified Turkish Translation by the Turkish Consulate/Embassy in your country)

·         Original copy  of the Test result (SAT, GCE-AL, YOS etc.)

o   Applicants applying with  "GCE A Level Predicted Results" documents must bring their original copy of A Level Certificate. In addition, the candidates are required to declare in the application process. Grades must be identical to each other. Otherwise the registration rights of the related candidates shall be canceled.

o    Applicants   who does not still possess  the  SAT result of the College Board , they will be asked to confirm the results of the exam at the SAT College Board official site with their user names and passwords during registration.

o   The applicants applying with YOS Result will be checked via the confirmation page of the University . Candidates who do not have a validation page or  a validation page   shall not be enrolled.

·         Certificates of English Proficiency (TOEFL) and/or Turkish proficiency certificate (TOMER/ Yunus Emre Institute)

·         Certificate of Equivalence Concerning High-School Diploma (Certified Turkish Translated by the Turkish Consulate/Embassy in your country or by Turkish Ministry of National Education)

·         6 photos (4,5X6 cm)

·         The receipt of tuition fee. The account number is shown below to transfer tuition fee

Account Name

Account No


Adana Bilim ve Teknoloji Üniversitesi

(Ziraat Bank/ Atatürk Branch)


TR27 0001 0009 3160 3193 3550 02

·         It is necessary to present the originals of the documents required for registration.

·         Those who do not register within the deadline shall lose their right to register.

Registration place: Öğrenci İşleri Daire Başkanlığı, Yeşiloba Mah. Öğretmenler Bulvarı 46278 Sokak No:3 01180 Seyhan / ADANA,  0322 45500 45